Site can be accessed via alias CHB80
This is a video addon to watch Videos from

  • Watch public videos from Gamestar and Gamepro
  • Login to Gamestar Plus (in case you have a subscription) to watch videos restricted to Plus users
  • Further allows watching videos from the magazine archive
  • Use (currently hardcoded) these two external XML files to extend the folder list in addition to the hardcoded ones. By this I will add new video channels to the list without having to publish a new version of the plugin

Download Gamestar Video: Current version: 0.3.2
Alternatively and recommended for easy installation/update you can use my repository.

In case you are interested in the source code, it is located on GitHub.
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28.07.2016, 10:10
Fix in place, basic functionality fine again. Search function switched off for now, also paging is not yet fully working.

27.07.2016, 09:55
Gamestar changed video section layout, fix is work in progress